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16 October 2013

This could possibly be the best thing thats happened to me since I don't know when, if theres two things I love in life its Magazines and Blogs so when a group of blogging genius created Blogosphere Magazine my life became at least a million times better.

"Written by bloggers about bloggers, whether you're interested in food or fashion, beauty or photography, or simply want to start blogging, Blogosphere Magazine is the publication for you" Doesn't it just sound like everything you want, and more?!

Well, wait until you see the magazine itself full of some of the best bloggers from all different fields, interviews with them,  reviews, a great ratio of editorial to advertising, a fantastic layout and on top of all that some of the cutest illustrations i've seen! 

Priced at £2 for a PDF version to use online and £4 for the printed version its great value and a great read. Usually i'm a print girl myself, but being so eager to read it I had to download it on to my iPad but, I think i'll have to buy the printed version too... For show? We all do that, right?

If you like any of the above, which i'm guessing you do as you're reading this blog post right now I high suggest that you go over to www.blogospheremagazine.com right now and get yourself a copy so you can see how amazing it really is for yourself! 

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