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Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Review

09 October 2013

After wanting the Origins clear improvement mask for quite some time I finally set out to buy it after a rough few weeks with my skin. Its taken a turn for the worse and has become oily and spotty- not good. I say that Lilly blogged about the Origins mask and how the boots one was almost exactly the same. I'm on a little spending ban at the minuet so I thought I had best go for the cheaper option!

 This mask 'actively removes impurities and deeply cleanses' the clay mask is supposed to exhibit a negative electrical charge and help to draw out deep-rooted impurities without over drying. I put the mask all over my face and left it on for ten minuets like it said to on the bottle, it was completely dry and hard I then washed it off with warm water and a flannel.

As soon as I took it off, my face was super soft, not a bit oily and my pores looked much clearer! This really did give a good deep clean. However I do think that it dried my skin out a bit too much, obviously I knew this would happen as its to get rid off the extra oil but I just moisturised and my skin was fine again. Since using this a few days ago my skins been pretty good and back to normal which is great so I think i'll continue to use this weekly like recommended.

The consistency of the product is quite thick, yet watery which means that it does go a long way and you don't have to use too much. When I first squirted it out of the tube it just looked like muddy water so make sure you give it a good shake to mix it all up before you use it! I found that it went on super easy with minimal mess, unlike some face masks and it dried pretty quickly too! 

Priced at only £6.99  for 100ml, I think its great value for such a great product. Have you tried any good face masks? 

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