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Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick 23- Review

28 October 2013

When at the Company beauty forum last week, I had my makeup done by Bourjois and they used this beautiful lipstick so I had to pick it up in boots this weekend to have for myself!

First of all how lovely is the packaging? Its so sleek and simple and looks much more expensive than it actually is. The lipstick itself in the tube looks like quite a deep red with a shine to it, however when on the lips it isn't as deep and looks slightly pink rather than red, none the less its a beautiful shade. 

The formula means that it glides on with ease and leaves your lips with a highly pigmented colour yet feeling really soft and with a slight shine which isn't too over the top. The formula of the lipstick is fantastic and really sells it, your lips feel great and it lasts for a few hours before you even have to think about topping up!

The lipstick retails at £7.99, although they are currently £5.99 in boots so I highly recommend you go and grab one now. The only thing I disliked about the lipstick is the shape of it, its quite wide and makes a neat application quite hard so using a lipstick brush would be good with this.

Have you tried any of the shine edition lipsticks, what shade did you like?

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