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Company Beauty Forum

23 October 2013

An evening full of free gifts, manicures, makeovers, champaign and a lot of beauty talk, your perfect evening. Right? Mine too.

Last night after a long day of university me and Amy (ajournalofeverything) went to the Company Beauty Forum which was held at London College of Fashion. With a panel including Lilly Pebbles, Fleur from FleurDeForce, Head benefit  makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon, Lee Stafford and Company's beauty director Sophie Quesreshi, Whats not to love?

A champaign reception with spaces for Bourjois to do your nails and makeup, Lee Stafford himself to tend to all of your hair needs, The Vintage Company to apply a selection of false eye lashes and ibrows to thread those brows for you. All in time to go through listen to the panel and for a Q&A session.

Make up and nails, by Bourjois.

Being a Magazine Publishing student and a Beauty Blogger I found that I learnt a lot from the panel, Lily Pebbles said that for the first year and a half of her blog she only had thirty follows and that a good blog takes 'time, consistency and trust'. Fleur from FleurDeForce said that a good blog needs 'Luck, Timing, Personality and hard work'.

The beautiful pannle

Once the Q&A had finished you were able to have a chat with the panel I took the opportunity to talk to one of my favourite bloggers Lily Pebbles and even have a quick photo. Just before I left I even had the chance to talk to Victoria White, THE editor of Company magazine who was so helpful when it came to my questions about my future career.

Me and Lilly Pebbles

All in all it was such a great evening and I highly recommend you all going to the next Comapny event!
"The bloggers that do well are the ones who support each other and grow together"- Lily Pebbles

Goodie bag from the event


  1. I totally agree, perfect evening. Lucky you for getting to meet all those bloggers, I'm definitely a little jealous, haha :)

    Debra Bros Blog

    1. It was such a good evening! You should look out for the next one!
      Thanks for looking at my blog!