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Lee Stafford Fat Flexible Hold Hairspray reveiw

25 October 2013

I'm a huge hairspray lover, but I can't stand that horrible feel you get after a build up of spray, the feeling you get when you can't even run your hands through your hair. You know the feeling? Well then you need this.
Lee Stafford Fat Flexible Hold Hairspray* 

 I've always been a Tresemme Freeze Hold girl due to its outstanding hold but this comes at a cost, the cost of my hair constantly feeling, hard, dry and stuck together. Fat Flexible Hold gives you quite a good hold in my opinion, not as good as my beloved Freeze Hold but it does the job.

The thing I love about this hair spray, once you get over the delicious smell that all Lee Stafford products have its the condition of my hair, its soft, bouncy and moves around yet my style is held in place, I would say the hold lasts for around 3-4 hours. Once my style starts dropping out I just top up and its back to normal, and the best bit is, you don't get a horrible build up of hairspray!

I highly recommend this for people who don't need a hair spray that needs a really strong hold, but if you do I do recommend giving this a go as it does the job and feels so much better on your hair! I couldn't find this in boots and it was given to me in a gift bag at Company's Beauty Forum- post here but his other hair sprays are around the £5-£6 mark for 250ml which is great value too!

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