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Nip + Fab Clean fix gel clenser review

05 October 2013

I've had this product for about two days now and i'm already in love- you may have seen the great deal I got on this if you follow me on Instagram! The 120ml bottle of this in Debenhams is £10.25 (currently half price on the Nip+Fab website) but in my local Debenhams it was in a multi pack of three for the price of one. I saw it and never grabbed it two weeks later it was half price! So I got three bottles for £5.12!

First of all I really love the design of Nip + Fab products there really cool and simple, this cleanser especially as it has a pump which I love because it just makes it easy to get the right amount of product out without having to waste any (one pump is more than enough for me!)

The cleanser itself foams up quite a lot which makes it feel like its giving your face a really deep clean and getting all of the dirt right out from your pores. It's also quite gentle around the eyes and hasn't hurt my sensitive skin at all which is quite hard for me to find in a cleanser.

I do really love this product, more so because of the fantastic deal I got with it, however I do think when I do finally run out I would reperchase this even at the price of £10.25

Have you tried any Nip + Fab products, what did you like?

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