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Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Brush Set Review.

03 October 2013

I was so indecisive about getting these brushes, did I really need another face brush, another contouring brush and another eye brush. The answer ended up being yes- shock horror. The limited edition set of brushes from Real Techniques include three duo-fiber brushes, a face brush for lightweight application, a contouring brush for controlled contouring and sculpting and an eye brush for finishing touches with the eye.

The duo fibre bristles can work with cream, liquid or powder 'for an unbelievably air-brushed finished' with the super light, soft bristles mean they don't pick up much product and are really great for either creating a natural look or for building up product. 

I always tend to put too much blusher or bronzer on and it looks awful so i'm really happy with how these brushes only pick up very little yet even amount of product and enable you to either have a natural finish or let you build more of a colour. So far I love the contouring brush for just adding a little bit of bronzer.

The brushes are priced up £23.99 and I high recommend grabbing them before there gone forever!

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