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Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipgloss in 01 and 107 review

31 October 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss: 01
Rimmel Kate Moss: 107

 On another trip to Boots a couple of weeks back (A slap on the wrist for me) I picked up two of the Kate Moss lipsticks as i've heard a ton of good things about them but I don't actually own any! As I only every really wear red lipsticks I picked up a bright red- shade 01 and a deeper red- shade 107. If you spent over £10 you got the new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex mascara for free!

Firstly the lipsticks are incredible, shade 01 the brighter red has a little shine too it which makes it slightly less matte than 107, its a great finish because it looks quite matte but the extra sine makes it look and feel less drying.

(L-R: 01-107)

Shade 107 is a deep red/purple- i've not quite made my mind up on what the shade is but I love it. I've worn it every day since I got it! Its quite a matte finish but its hardly drying at all, much less than my matte mac lipsticks so its a win win. Both lipsticks have an unbelievable staying power they last hours and hours on my lips until you even have to think about putting a little extra on.

The Scandal Eyes mascara has a great big bristle brush as you can see above, I love mascaras with a brush like this, the mascara gives both great length and volume with very little clumps- not quite the 'no clumps' that it states on the packaging, but I can live with that! I've got the mascara on in both pictures below, but forgot to take a close up- Sorry!

Rimmel Kate Moss- 01

Rimmel Kate Moss- 107

Over all i'm super happy with what I got from Rimmel and I will most defiantly be returning to boots (shock horror) and picking up a few more shades, any recommendations?

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