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Seventeen concealer and primer review

07 October 2013

Seventeen have completely re-branded their whole brand which means there are lots of new products out, three of which I've been trying out! I really wanted to try the Flawless Poreless Primer but in boots the Seventeen range was 3 for £10 so I had to grab another two things, right? 

The packaging for the primer is really simple, its black plastic container is just simple and sleek and easy to carry around- plus the little illustrations on the front make it really cute! On its own this is priced at £5.99 which is a great price for a primer however not worth the money.At all. I was so disappointed with this product, and didn't like it at all! The product is really hard which makes it difficult to try and get some out, you have to repeatedly rub your fingers in it to try and get anything. When you finally do get that little bit of product it just makes no difference on my skin what so ever, it doesn't feel or look nicer and my makeup doesn't last longer and it most defiantly does not reduce the look of my pores. Sorry. 

Seventeens Phwoarr paint is a heavy duty under eye concealer which is priced at £5.49, it comes in two shades, light and medium- this is one downside of the product it doesn't have a huge shade range and obviously wont work for people with darker skin tones. The packaging is similar to the primer and is super cute! Being that its in this little pot you can either use fingers or a concealer brush to get the product out, it does however come out with ease! Its a really thick and creamy concealer which is easy to blend and cover my dark circles so its a really great affordable product and the only other downside is that it does crease under my eyes but if you set it with some powder its fine!  

(Pwoarr Paint, slightly blended)

The 18hr stay time concealer is what I use to conceal any spots or blemishes I have, its quite creamy but not too thick and its super easy to blend in. For any redness I have, say around my nose this does a really good job at covering it up. However its not so good at covering spots up, but still for a drug store concealer it is really really good! It is very much like the Collection lasting perfection concealer, right down to the packaging and to be honest I think there both on par with one another! For some reason it isn't on the Boots website yet so I cant tell you how much it was, or how many shades they have! Is all I know is, mine is in the shade 'extra light' which I don't usually see in Boots and its a prefect match!

(18hr Stay Time Concealer)

Have you tried any of the new Seventeen products, which ones did you like? 

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