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Tweezerman Wild Slant Tweezer Review

08 October 2013

I just wanted to write a quick review today, I went back to University last week and were starting to get a little bit busy and I've got some work to do after this post! When I boots a couple of weeks ago I picked up some Tweezerman tweezers for £21.50. At the time it was buy one get one half price so I got the Real Techniques Duo Fibre brushes too, review here.

I tend to get my eyebrows done once a month, if I can be bothered but I pluck in between so I thought investing in some good tweezers was a good idea. I'm so glad I did! As you can see I got the slanted pair which are slanted for perfect grip and hand fitted to grab every hair, and they do. 

These are hands down the best tweezers i've ever used they grab every hair on a first attempt and pull them out straight from the root! I didn't realise how rubbish my old tweezers were until I got these. 
My old ones never used grab the hair on the first, second or even third time and the hairs just used to break! So these are a god send! 

I picked up the Zebra Print ones, because well honestly they were the only ones left! I think there really cute though so i'm happy with them. They have lots of different patterns and colours to chose from too which is really good! 

I highly recommend buying these, even for the price as there a really good pair of tweezers and its a one of purchase! 

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