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Hearst Editors Talk

05 November 2013

Last night me and a few of the girls from University went to the Hearst Editors Talk which included an astonishing panel of editors from Company, Cosmopolitan,  Zest, Red and Digital Spy magazine. Being a publishing student I was already sold when I first read about the event in Company magazine, and after attending the Company beauty forum a few weeks ago- post here and having an amazing time I was double sold!

The event was held at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, just around the corner of Oxford Street so we obviously did a little shopping and dinner at the Diner first- post to come on that tomorrow. Upon arrival you were given a glass of champaign and an array of canopies to chose from and given the chance so socialise with other guests.

You then took a seat, which held your jam packed goody bag which included products from Benefit, Balance Me, Paul Mitchell and many more great brands. The panel started to answer questions which were all great and helpful for me in my university course.

The contents of my goody bag.

You learnt a lot about how the digital platform has changed the world of publishing with the use of social media "Social media has created a breed of celebrities itself"- Victoria White referring to the many You tubers and Bloggers that have become famous in the community. An insight on the not so glamorous around the clock editors job was also gained. Digital Spy magazine has staff working 24/7 due to the internet and needing to keep everyone constantly updated.

The event for me was an incredible experience as I got a small look at what being an editor of a magazine was like and how much work actually goes into it, I also learnt a lot about each magazines brand identity, PR and the best ways to pitch to a magazine whether you're selling a product or trying to get a job.

The panel and Q&A was nicely rounded off which each member giving you a piece of advice.
David Moynihan, Digital Spy: "Give the best you possibly can, take all opportunities that are given to you and always hand things in early."
Mandie Gower, Zest: "You can only ever do your best."
Sarah Baily, Red "Take the meeting" meaning take any chance you get in life, every meeting, every date.
Louise Court, Cosmopolitan: "Do your research"
Victoria White, Company: "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"
All: Network, network, network.

Did any of you go to the even, what did you think?

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