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L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation Review

04 November 2013

Another new release thats been more hyped up than a tamagotchi when you were a kid. Is it worth the hype, yes. Yes it is. Nude Magique is a new light weight foundation which is actually lighter than water. Which means no heavy, cakey face, result? 

The light weight foundation is best applied with fingers for an even light coverage, however due to how light the foundation is its easy to build up for a higher coverage. I tend to apply one layer with my fingers and evenly blend it out, and if I'm having a bad skin day I use a buffing brush to apply another layer which gives you a medium coverage and a lovely glow to the skin.

The packaging is really sleek and easy to put in your makeup big which is a bonus, I usually like foundations with a pump but because this is so light weight it pours out very easy, maybe a little to easy (be carful not to spill any- like I did).

I was so indecisive about buying this or not, I then saw people say that its very similar to the Armani Maestro Foundation which I was desperate to try. It comes in six shade, I have 100- porcelain (the lightest) shock horror and its a perfect match for me. I think its an amazing foundation it leaves you with just the right coverage, it feels great on the skin and looks great leaving you with an even skin tone and a lovely glow.

Have you tried this yet, did you love it?

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