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Lush Haul

12 November 2013

After seeing both Zoe and Louise's Lush hauls last week, I went out and had a mini spree myself and the above happened, I picked up a small bottle of Snow Fairy, A golden wonder, Shoot for the stars and a luxury pud bath bomb and then a magic wand! The aftermath meant that i've smelt absolutely beautiful for the past week, so thanks lush!

The magic wand has the sent of Snow Fairy which is super sweet, which I love and the rest of my household hate. You swirl this little beauty round in your bath and it leave the water a light pink colour and gives you a few bubbles. This is reusable and you get about three-five uses out of it depending on how much you use per bath. (£4.95)

The Lush luxury christmas pud is amazing, you leave it in the bath whilst running it and you're welcomed back to a purple bath with a rainbow of yellow, pink, blue and green from the little dots on the pudding. The rainbow shortly disappears leaving the bath water a deep purple colour. (£3.40)

Golden wonder does get you wondering. This little present shaped bomb has a little something inside that you can hear when you shake it. The bomb turns your bath a sparkly yellow colour which shortly turns blue and glittery- but wait, thats not the surprise. Your bath is left with little gold stars in the water! Its such a cute idea. (£3.50)

The shoot for the stars bomb was probably my favourite out of all of the ones I picked up. It left my bath a deep blue colour with a rainbow of yellows, pinks and purples once its all fizzed up. It smelt really lovely too and left my skin feeling amazing (£3.25)

Snow Fairy is really special as it comes out in time for Christmas and the disappears for the rest of the year once its over, just like Christmas decorations really! It smells divine and it really bubbles up and feels like its giving you a really good clean! (£3.50 for 100g)

I think Lush products are a really nice treat to have in your bath every now and then and they really make a really luxurious relaxing bath! What Lush products do you like?


  1. I wish there was a Lush near where I live in the states xx I was going order some online but than I decided no too. I rather go into to Lush and look around, I will probably spend more than I wanted but its Lush right? :)


    1. I do love going and having a look at everything in shop, but if its far away I don't know if I could wait!

  2. I've not been since the Christmas stuff started! I need to go, I absolutely love snow fairy! xx


    1. Oh its all so lovely! It was so hard not to buy everything!
      You should go and check it out!