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Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave review

26 November 2013

I have that really annoying i'm not straight but in not quite curly hair, so something to help me achieve one or the other without having to do anything is my kind of product! This super easy product goes straight on wet hair and you can either leave it to dry naturally yes! or use a defuser to get the ultimate wave.

I really enjoyed using this, it was super easy you put a little bit al over hair by sectioning it and then you pretty much sit there and wait for it to dry and scrunch your hair every once in a while and the result is beautiful. You get perfect wavy hair. There was one thing I didn't like about the product the creme is really thick and leaves your hair felling really sticky when its drying and then once its dry it fells really dry and straw like.

Overall I did really enjoy this product because its great for a super lazy hairstyle, you just wash it in the morning and then you'll be ready to go in the evening!

Have you tried anything from the Paul Mitchell Curl range?

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