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The Diner

06 November 2013

I hope you've eaten because if you haven't, well even if you have you'll be hungry after reading this. As briefly mentioned yesterday before heading to the Hearst Editors Talk - post here me, Amy and our friend Rebecca went for a quick dinner at The Diner.

Tucked in the corner of London's prominent Caranby Street holds one of the best things to happen to food, 'The Diner' with its retro look and some of the best milkshakes in town its one not to be missed.

The American style diner has a menu of mouth watering munch from burgers, hotdogs, ribs and pancakes. Also home to some of Americas finest snacks including corn dogs, chilli dogs and burgers and of course american style pancakes which make my mouth water just thinking about them.

I opted for my usual Oreo Milkshake because its too good to chose something else- although the Snickers milkshake looks like it might rival it, a good old fashion burger and french fries. As per usual it was amazing, and yes burger and fries can be amazing.

Amy had a Vinilla milkshake and burger and Rebecca had a Banana milkshake and a cheese burger which they both loved too. I've been too three out of five London diners and all have had outstanding food and service and I highly recommend you paying any of them a visit!

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