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Benefit The Porefessonal Review

31 December 2013

Benefit The Porefessonal has been my all time favourite primer for as long as I can remember, i've searched for a long time to try and find a primer that lives up to it but i've never succeeded. I received a new tube of it for Christmas this year and realised that I have never reviewed it! So as its one of my all time favourite's I knew I had to!

As the name suggests the product is to help minimise the look of pores (which as you all know I struggle with). The product is an ultra light weight balm which you apply a pea sized amount all over the face, or to the ares which you want to appear pore less.

Your makeup goes on to skin like a dream and looks stunning it reduces the look of pores dramatically and even hides any fine lines you may have, it leaves your skin looking flawless and airbrushed. Not only that, but it also helps makeup stay on and stops skin looking shiny.

This is and always has been my go to primer, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have great looking skin and also wants to improve staying power!

The Porefessonal is priced at £24.50 for 22ml but as I said above you only need a tiny amount so It will last quite some time.

Do you have any good primers you can recommend?

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