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Kiehl's meet up

03 December 2013

My recommended morning and night skin care routine. 

Yesterday after another long day at university me and Amy headed over to Covent Garden for a Pizza Express date a little bit of shopping and the long awaited Kiehl's meet up with two of my favourite bloggers Lily and Anna.

Upon arrival you were greater by the Kiehl's staff, Lily and Anna who were all  lovely and very helpful. You then had the chance to have a look around whilst being served drinks and canapés meanwhile both Lily and Anna had a walk around the room and spoke to all of the guests.

Then on to the good stuff! The girls got straight into a few of their favourite products and told us all why they loved them so much! You then had a chance to have a talk with the staff who had on hand skin tests to see what skin type you were and then recommend some products they think would help your skin. The staff were so grate a really helped you out in a lot of detail.

Skin test.

Obviously the highlight of my evening  was getting to talk to the lovely Lily and Anna who are both so friendly and lovely but the staff also taught me a lot about my skin and recommend some great products which I had to buy as you also got 20% off! I wanted to buy everything photographed above but I only got a couple of bits and can't wait to review them for you!

I ended up with these two products to try out, I couldn't resist the Midnight Recovery oil 
after both Anna and Lily's recommendations!

Did any of you go to the meet up or use any Kiehl's products, il'd love to know?


  1. I was there too :) It was so nice, I took the face mask from the rare earth range and it is BRILLIANT :)

    (There was a girl taking a lot of pictures during the evening, black of hair, is she a blogger too? Do you know her?)
    I wish I could have take picture if I hadn't forget my SD card at home ..; ahah

    1. Oh really, it was such a good evening wasn't it?
      I've used it twice and i'm so in love with it already. My skins already looking much better too!
      No I don't sorry, she might have taking photos for Kiehls to use, if its the person I think your talking about!

      I know, I forgot my camera so had to use my iPhone photos! haha