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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate review

20 December 2013

As mentioned in yesterdays post I picked up a couple  Kiehl's items to try out, which the fantastic staff recommended to me at the Kiehl's meet up! I picked up the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser which I love and reviewed yesterday, and then I also picked up the infamous Midnight Recovery Concentrate which every blogger seems to own and love.

The aim of this oil is to replenish the skin and help it look smooth and glowing by morning. My skin gets quite dry in the colder months and looks both dry and dull so I thought that I needed to try this product! After cleansing and toning my skin in the evening just before bed i've been using a few drops of this and massaging into the skin, the oil absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and leaves the skin looking like it has a healthy glow and not to oily (which I was worried about)

However come morning I felt that the glow had wore off and my skin continued to look quite dull. My skin felt amazing on the other hand it was so soft all day and it didn't feel dry at all- even in this weather, after using the product for just over two weeks i've found that my skin has started to improve slightly it does have a little bit more of a glow to it but nothing dramatically different. My skin has been smoothed out a lot and feels super soft and moisturised all the time though and i'm really happy with that.

Overall I did really love the product and I think my skin did too however I think it was hyped up a little bit too much so if you do try it (which you should, especially if your skin needs some moisture) don't expect a miracle! Its prices at £36 for 30ml but as I said above you only need a couple of drops so the bottle will last you forever!

Have you tried Midnight Recovery Oil, what did you think?

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