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L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner Reveiw

24 December 2013

I wear eyeliner every day and it isn't often that I steer away from my trusted Maybelline Gel Liner until now. I love gel liner so much, it lasts all day and doesn't smudge but it takes quite a while to get it looking right. I picked this up last week in boots to make my purchase up to £15 so that I could get the gift with purchase, everyone does that- right?

I'm so happy I picked this little pen up, its amazing. The pen itself has a little ridge in it where you hold it making it super comfy and ables you to get a good grip. The felt tip where the liquid comes from is very firm which makes it so easy to get a good straight line, i've found liners with a softer tip to be much harder to control.

The liquid is quite wet to which means that it glides on effortlessly and doesn't pull on eyes at all and its very highly pigmented. I've found using this eyeliner so much easier than a gel liner, it takes a couple of minuets to do both eyes and the best part us they even look like they match, and we all know how hard that is! The one downside i've found about this liner is that it doesn't last as long as my gel liner, it fades slightly after a few hours.

Have you tried any amazing eyeliners that you want to share with me?

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