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Weekly Update!

01 December 2013

I know i've only had one post since my last weekly update (please don't hate me) but i've been buried under a pile of university work which is getting smaller and smaller, which means I should hopefully be back to normal with my posts this week!

Presents from my daddy and brother, another lush bath, i've had a fringe cut in!,
family night and lola looking sad, wrapping presents, Maisy trying to help me with me 3000 word report! 

I've only got 1000 words left on my report so I should have a few posts up this week! Have you seen the new issue of Blogosphere magazine? I say a few words about my new years resolutions! Is anyone going to the Lily and Anna Kiehl's meet up, me and Amy will be there! 

Hope you're all well!

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