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Birthday Wish list

24 January 2014

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It's my birthday next month, so I thought I would throw together a little wish list showing you all a few things i'm after! 

1. Origins Clear Improvement Mask: (£22) I've head so much about this mask from Origins, its supposed to do wonders for your pores- which I need. I've loved every Origins product i've ever tried so I really want to try this one! 

2. Topshop Check Smock Dress: (£32) I love anything with check print on, and I currently love smock dresses so this is just perfect for me! 

3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac: (£170) This is on the top of my lust list at the minuet, I really want the black one with gold hard wear, its just a perfect, small every day bag!

4. Topshop T Bar red Shoes: (£32) These shoes are just perfect, I love these little school girl type shoes with a pair of frilly shoes. These red ones are just too cute! 

5. Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation: (£33) I'm always after a new foundation, I just want to try them all! I don't think theres a blogger than hasn't raved about this one. So this is next on my foundation list! 

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