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Clinique: Rinse-off Foaming Cleaner Mousse Review

27 January 2014

A few months ago I purchased the Clinique Three Step Anti-blemish Routine and the lady at the counter kindly gave me a full size bottle of this cleanser to try out as well. The cleanser is a thick cream which you have to lather up in your hands and massage into a wet face. Avoiding the eye area, and make sure you do! The thick creamy mousse quickly foams up when massaged into your face and gets rid of all face make-up. 

I take my make-up off with some Bioderma on a cotton pad before hand, I then used this which got rid of every scrap of makeup which was left behind, the product foams up quite a lot and gives a really deep clean. The only thing I didn't like was it left my skin feeling slightly tight until I put my moisturiser on. However it did what it was supposed to and cleansed my face and got rid of all of my makeup and left my skin feeling really clean and fresh.

This product is for normal skin, and recommend to be followed up by the Clinique Three Step system, in my case I have the Anti-Blemish routine and the two work really well together, although you could use what ever toner and moisturiser you have!

You have to be super carful not to get any in your eyes, because if you do it will sting, and they will water all night! Other than that I've enjoyed using this cleanser you only need a tiny bit to clean your whole face as it foams up so much, which means the 150ml bottle will last you forever and for only £17 its a great buy! 

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