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Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 Camera

16 January 2014

Something a little different today, no makeup, no skincare, no clothes!? Something just as exciting none the less. I've wanted one of these cameras for as long as I can remember but i've never got around to buying one. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas this year from Charlie, and I can honestly say I was like a little child when I opened it. Full of exciting squeals and frantic box opening.

I have two Polaroid cameras, but the film is near on impossible to get now days as it is no longer made which sadly means I can't use either of them! So this is the next best thing. As you can probably guess from the names Fuji Film created an Instant camera in which you load a packet of ten films (the silver packet in the photo above) aim the camera at a subject, press for the shutter and the photo magically pops out of the top and develops over a couple of minuets. (see photo below)

The camera has four different light settings which automatically adjust to the lighting in each situation, Indoors, Cloudy, Sunny and cloudy, and Sunny and bright. You change the dial to the image that is light up- in the case above indoors. You also have a setting called 'Hi-Key' which allows you to take photos with a softer impression- this makes photos look like they have a filter over them.

The camera is quite compact which makes it easy to carry around, however it does mark really easy so I advise getting a case for it. Its easy to use, as the light setting is automatically calculated you basically point and shoot and get a great looking photo every time!

I love this camera so much, I can honestly say its one of the best presents i've ever got! Its just so cute and so much fun and I highly recommend it to anyone! Aseptically a photography or Instagram lover. I saw the camera on its own in Urban Outfitters last week for £90! However Charlie got mine on Ebay with 50films for £73.99 from this seller who also sells the film separately! 

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