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Lancome Hypnose Mascara Set Review

01 January 2014

Another great gift set I got this Christmas was the Lancome Hypnose Mascara set which I had in one of my Christmas wish list's. In the set you received a full sized Hypnose Mascara (6.5ml) and three smaller trial size mascaras (2ml) of Hypnose Doll Eyes, Hypnose Star and Hypnose Drama. I thought the set was a great way to try out a few new mascaras before buying a full size one, I had head so many good things about Lancome mascaras so really wanted to try them too! 

First up the original Hypnose mascara (£22), with a long and thin wand this mascara ands a lot of length to your eyelashes and due to the wand being quite thin it separates lashes really well. I didn't find that this mascara gave me a lot of volume but used after curling your lashes it gave them a bit more volume, it did give the lashes a lot of extra length and there was no clumps what so ever. 

Next up is Hypnose Drama (£22) which has longer wand where the bristles are spaced out quite far and the wand is slightly bent, the curves in the wand are supposed to add extra volume to the lashes and give you a 'dramatic' eye makeup look, however I really wasn't impressed with this one. I felt that to much product was on the wand and just made me lashes look clumpy. 

Hypnose Star (£22) has a long thin wand which is flat on either side, it adds a lot of length and volume to the lashes and makes them look much fuller. This mascara is a very deep black too which gives a dramatic eye makeup look a full intense colour.

Hypnose Doll Eyes (£22) was my favourite of the four and I will be buying a full size one as soon as this runs out! The wand is tapered with a thin end and then a much thicker end which makes it really easy to get in to the corners of the eye and make sure all lashes get a good coat. The wand is quite thick with a lot of bristles which lengthen lashes and separate them at the same time which means no clumps! I found that this one gave my lashes quite a bit of volume too, it did a little bit of everything and made my lashes look lovely and with the tapered wand it was super easy to apply!

Have you tried any Lancome mascaras?

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