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L'oreal: Miss Manga Mascara Review

28 January 2014

L'oreal: Miss Manga Mascara: £8.99 

I've seen a couple of blog posts and a ton of adverts for this new mascara from L'oreal 'Mega Volume Miss Manga' as the name suggests the mascaras aim is to give you mega volume like a manga character. First up the packaging is really cute and simple, the pink top makes it easy to find in my mascara box and it has one flat edge so doesn't roll off the side if I put it down- which I hate!

The wand is quite thick but has a lot of gaps in it, which means it pulls more lashes together in the gaps. It's also really bendy as you can see above which makes it really easy to apply as you have a lot of movement. I found it really easy to apply, the wand is really big but tapered at the end making it easy to get the smaller lashes too.

I found that it added a lot of length to my lashes, and volume. I only used about two coats and the more you use the more your lashes stick together- making them look clumpy. Obviously if you wanted eyelashes like a Manga character they would be clumpy, but I wasn't going for that look! I really like this mascara if you want both volume and length in just one coat then its brilliant!

 No mascara 

A couple of coats of Miss Manga 

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