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Lush review

09 January 2014

On a recent shopping trip to Westfield with Amy, I just couldn't walk past Lush without going in and grabbing a couple of bits, and I mean a couple this time- I was good and only picked up two bath bombs to share with you all!

First up was Space girl- £2.25 , a purple bath bomb which was smothered in red and gold glitter. I can't say no to anything that sparkles. So obviously this jumped straight into my basket. Once you throw this into your bath water its transformed into the most gorgeous lilac colour witch a golden red shimmer, and not only that but your bath, body and bathroom smell of Palma Violets for hours afterwards. This was quite a simple bath bomb but I really enjoyed using it, mostly because of the glitter and the smell! 

I then picked up Think Pink- £2.50 a beautiful bright pink bomb with the cutest little flowers on, any girly girl would find this one hard to resist. With a strong sent of vanilla which you can also smell for hours after the bath turns the water a pale pink colour, but with an extra little treat. Your bath soon fills up with little heart shaped pieces of confetti which dissolve away.

I love having a relaxing bath with some Lush products, do you have any you recommend? 

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