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19 January 2014

I was recently contacted by a new website called mybeautycompare.com which I thought was quite interesting and should share with all you other beauty lovers! As the name suggests the website pretty much compares different beauty products so that you get the best price.

The website has a huge range of products from drug store to high end which I thought was really good as you're able to get the best price on such a huge variety of different products. I spent a while on the website searching for different products and they had everything I could think of, so you won't be disappointed.

The website also has a feature where you can make your own profile, which means you can tell them what hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, skin type and lots more so that it can select products which might suit you. The only bad thing i've found about the website is that some of the images don't match up to product names- such as a mascara having a photo of a foundation, or some products not having photos at all. However everything else about the website is amazing!

Its really easy to order products too, you basically pick your item and the site forwards you to the website where the products cheapest, including postage and packaging! Its great.

Have you seen the website yet?

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