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Rimmel Apocalips in Across the Universe & Eclipse Review

11 January 2014

 (Top-bottom: Across the Universe, Eclipse)

When Rimmel realised their Apocalips lip lacquers last year it was love at first sight. They were perfect for me, a mix between a long lasting lipstick and a high shine lip gloss. They are highly pigmented and last all day so they're pretty much perfect in every single way!

The formula is great to, it isn't sticky in the slightest and even though they dry quite matte they don't dry my lips out too much. The packaging is also fantastic, with the clear bottom half it makes it super easy to see what colour your grabbing and the applicator is tapered meaning you can get a very precise application. The applicator also has a little dip in it which holds the product which means you don't have to keep dipping it in the tube.

So, when I saw Lily Pebbles blog about three new shades to the range I knew they had to be mine. The three new shades are Aurora- a rosy coral shade, Across the Universe- a deep classic red and Eclipse- a deep berry red. I picked up the two red shades, as its pretty much all I wear.

(Top-bottom: Across the Universe, Eclipse)

Across The Universe 


Have you tried any of the new shades, which is your favorit? I think mine has to be Across The Universe.

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