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Soap and Glory: Supercat Eyeliner review

22 January 2014

I am a huge eyeliner lover, there isn't a day where I leave the house without my signature cat eye flick. There is just something about eyeliner that I feel just pulls a look together- I just love everything about it! Over the past five years i've tried every type of liner possible, gel, pencil, liquid and everything else. However I've finally settled on felt tip liners- my all time favourite being the L'oreal Super Liner and I felt that I needed to try a new one.

I picked the Soap and Glory Super Cat eyeliner last week in Boots for £6 which was quite a good price. The packaging is typical Soap and Glory style, cute and cool. The 'pen' itself is quiet thick, much thicker than other liners i've tried- this makes it slightly heard to hold and get a good grip off- however its still pretty easy once you get used to it. The shade 'Carbon Black' is a very deep black which glides on to the eye nicely and looks really black.

The lip of the pen is quite a lot thicker than others i'ver tried, you can get a small defined line if you hold it lightly and have a steady hand. However the thicker line isn't too big- i've found this great to use if I'm doing more of a dramatic cat eye, where as the L'oreal Super Liner has a thin tip which is great for more of a defined flick.

Overall I really like this product, it glides on to the lid with no effort, its super black and the packaging works really well! I would recommend this for people who are used to using a pen eyeliner and want more of a dramatic cat eye look. However if you're just starting out I highly recommend the L'oreal Super Liner.

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