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American Apparel: Nail Polish

19 February 2014

American Apparel Nail Polish: £9

I picked up three more American Apparel nail polishes in Brighton on Saturday and realised I had never blogged about them. Let me introduce to you my all time favourite nail polish. Everything about them is perfect!

The packaging is super slim and tall which means you can fit loads of them in a storage box as well as being cute and simple. The application is a dream too. One coat and your done, it applies really evenly and easily. The brush is a great shape and doesn't make too much mess above or around your nails. The colour is really strong and bright after just one coat and looks perfect. The lasting power on my is around four days without chipping which is really good for my nails.

I picked up Downtown LA which is a bright classic red, Midnight Sky which is a deep navy blue and Berry which is a deep berry red- would you believe it? A little side note, the polishes are £9 online although in store they're £7 or three for £17

Have you tried any American Apparel nail polishes, what shade do you like?

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