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Blanx: White Shock Tooth Paste

08 February 2014

I'm always trying new things to whiten my teeth my all time favourite being the Crest White Strips. I always use a toothpaste which is supposed to help whiten teeth too, just to keep it up. This is the latest purchase of mine, which i've been using for the past month.

The Blanx white shock tooth paste is a non-abrasive and peroxide free toothpaste which is supposed whiten teeth all day long, without damaging them or causing any sensitivity. The formula contains Actilux which stays on the teeth all day and remains active all day, it reacts to light which helps whiten teeth all day. 

You also receive a LED light which you shine on the tooth paste itself to active the tooth paste. It did seem a little bit like a gimmick to me, however I did see a little change in my teeth but nothing to dramatic- and that was after a month of use. Personally for the price I don't think its worth it as it works just as well as my Colgate Max White which is almost half the price.

Do you have any good teeth whitening products?

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