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Chanel: Perfection Lumiere Foundation Review

07 February 2014

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation: £36

After saving up my Boots points for just under a year I had finally reached £100 and had planned to spend them all in one day, which I almost did- I just couldn't bear to spend all of them. This foundation was one item I picked up with my points!

First of all, like all Chanel products the packaging is simple yet sophisticated, this foundation comes with a pump which I love because you can get just the right amount of product out with less wastage. The packaging is sturdy so will not get damaged yet sleek and easy to put in your makeup bag to travel with.

The foundation itself is a lightweight fluid which has a super soft texture that glides on to the skin seamlessly, its a medium coverage however this is adjustable. If you apply more you can build it to a higher coverage without it looking to much. The foundation has a matte finish but still leaves you with a beautiful natural glow, it also evens out skin tone, hides any redness and blemishes.

The foundation leaves skin looking beautiful and has a lovely finish to it, at the time of purchase I had a few dry patches on my noes and the only bad thing I found was that this foundation clung to it slightly which made my nose look quite patchy. Once my skin was back to normal I loved the foundation again, and I highly recommend it!

Have you tried any Chanel foundations, did you like them?


  1. Saving all your Boots points?? Well done, what a good idea!! I always fritter mine away, that must have been so fun! Your skin looks lovely!

    1. Its hard not to spend them, but when they start adding up its worth it!
      Thank you!