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Indeed Laboratories: Hydraluron, Nanoblur, Snoxin

18 February 2014

Indeed Laboratories Set: £12.99

Hydraluron is a product thats been so hyped up on the blogosphere for as long as I can remember and i've always wanted to try it, but i've never wanted to shell out £25 for it. So when I saw this little trial set in boots a few weeks ago I literally squealed and then ran over to show Amy it!

This little clinical white box hosts three 5ml tubes, one Nanoblur which is a diffusing cream that minimises the appearance of wrinkles. crow's feet and enlarged pores- yes! Snoxin which is an anti-aging serum which I gave to my mum and she loved it and last but not least Hydraluron which is a serum that gives skin moisture from below the surface.

First up is Nanoblur which is supposed to blur out imperfections, and it does. I was so happy with this because it minimised the look of my pores, which I'm sure you know by now I struggle with! It left my skin looking really smooth and all imperfections were blurred out, but it also left my skin feeling fantastic and it was such a great base for my foundation.

Hydraluron is a clear serum which is supposed to boost skin and give it extra moisture from below the surface which plumps the skin and restores elasticity and firmness. I've used this for about two weeks now and i've noticed a huge difference, my skin is never dry anymore and it constantly feel smooth, soft, plump and full of moisture.

I think this set is great if you want to try out the products, and i'll most deffantly be purchasing the full size tube of Hydraluron... and maybe  Nanoblur!

Have you tried any of these products, did you like them?

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