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Maybelline: Better Skin Foundation

25 February 2014


Better Skin has an energising vitamin formula which instantly evens skin tone and apparently gives you better looking skin in three weeks- which I can not confirm me as i've been using it just over a week. The foundation has been formulated to perfect the skin with is medium coverage. The formula evens out skin tone, hides any bumps, redness, dulness and blemishes. 

The formula is quite thick but easily to blend on the skin with either fingers or a brush. The foundation had a great balance as it didn't cling to any dry patches I had and it didn't slide around my slightly oily t-zone. I think its safe to say this foundation would be great for all skin types.

I wore this on top of my usual primer and with no powered and it lasted a good 7 hours without me needing to top it up. Over all i've really enjoyed using this foundation and for the low drugstore prices its a steal. Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin comes in eight shades, i've got the lightest shade and its a fantastic match so I can confirm it caters for pale skin.

Have you tried this new release yet, what did you think?

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