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Maybelline: Big Eyes Mascara

15 February 2014

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara: £8.99

Another mascara is definitely not something else I need to add to my collection, but this one does have a wand for lower lashes. I don't have anything that does that, so I had to buy it- didn't I? This new release from Maybelline hosts two mascara wands a 'pump up brush' which pushes lashes up for a volumised full lash effect. The 'sculpting mini brush' grams and magnifies each tiny lash for an eye-opening effect.

First up the upper lash wand is a quite big and the bristles are spread out, which gives you both volume and extra length. I liked how my lashes look- but it wasn't anything amazing that my other mascaras couldn't do. The lower lash wand on the other hand- now thats a completely different story. It's amazing! The little tiny brush is super easy to catch all of your lashes and it adds so much length! My lower lashes have never looked so good.

I really loved this product, for the lower lash mascara, have you tried it yet?

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