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NYX: Xtreme lip cream

27 February 2014

NYX Xtreme lip cream: 03 Spicy £7

When I saw that Next were stocking NYX products i jumped with joy and arranged a trip to Westfield with Charlie so that I could grab a few bits. The selection wasn't great, a lot of things had sold out and a lot of packaging was damaged but I got an Xtreme lip cream which is what I mostly wanted.

These lip creams are a mix of a lipstick and a lip stick, you get a full coverage colour in one swipe. The product itself is very thick, it does't feel drying or matte on the lips at all but it isn't over glossy either- its kind of in-between the two. They're really long lasting- I would say about five or six hours before you have to top up.

I really like these products because they're so long lasting and the colours are really vibrant, I grabbed Spicy which is a really deep red- of course. I think i'll be grabbing a few more colours, have you tried any of these yet?

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