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Origins: Zero Oil Toner

28 February 2014

Origins Zero Oil Toner: £18

I've almost ran out of my little bottle of Origins Make a difference + toner so I had to grab a new one, but I went for something a little bit different. This toner from Origins is a pore purifying toner instantly removes shine and excess oil and leaves the skin with a smooth matte finish.

This 150ml bottle is full of oil fighting ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and Laminaria Saccharina which inhibit excess oil production, salicylic acid which stimulates exfoliation at the skins surface to minimise and unclog pores, aloe leaf to soothe and calm the skin and tons more.

This toner is supposed to make pores appear tighter- check, gives skin a matte appearance- check and leaves skin comfortable and refreshed- check. I've been using this toner for the past couple of weeks and there isn't a thing I don't love about it, my skins been the right balance between oily and dry, my pores have been reduced, my skin looks refreshed and it constantly feels amazing after use.

I use this of an evening after cleansing and just before moisturising and its done wonders for my skin, have you tried anything else from the Zero Oil range? I'm looking at trying a few more things.


  1. Ooh I've been thinking about giving this one a go! I might pick it up next month!

    1. I'm really loving it at the moment, you should pick it up! :) x