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Soap and Glory: The Fab Pore Daily Moisture Lotion Review

03 February 2014

Soap and Glory: The Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing Moisture Lotion: £12

On yet another task to banish the look of my awful deep pores and blackheads I picked up another pore reducing product. I grabbed this in boots a few weeks ago along side the Fab pore mask which I wrote about here.

This multi-tasking daily micro-smoothing moisture lotion which has 'Detoxyboost technology'  is supposed to up the oxygen to your face, a special poreshrink 12hr complex and energising citrus super fruits for all day control of clog-prone pores and greasy t-zones. The product helps reduce oily spots, minimise the appearance of large pores, boost moisture, brighten skin and instantly mattify the skin. All that in one little tube?

I used the product morning and night after cleansing for about a week and a half as instructed, I didn't really enjoy using it as a moisturiser as I found it left my skin feeling quite dull and dry. Which meant I had to use another moisturiser on top of this. However it did reduce the look of my pores, which is what I wanted the product for so I was super happy with that!

The packaging is really simple and cute, as per usual for a Soap and Glory product, the texture is quite wet and the product is a lovely mint colour! For me, I liked the product because it did what I personally needed which was to reduce the look of my horrendous pores. However, it didn't do everything else it claimed to do. So if you're looking for something for your pores, this is great. For anything else, this isn't great.

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