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05 February 2014

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I love having a look around at what things I want to buy, which is why I love looking at other peoples wish lists and love doing my own! Heres a few things that have caught my eye recently.

1. Chanel Sunglasses (£300) I tried these on a few months ago in Liberty's and i've been day dreaming about them ever since. They were jus the most perfect sunglasses. Ever.

2. River Island Check Dress (£25) Oh, shook horror. Another check print dress, do I really need another one... Yes.

3. Topshop Pyjamas (£20) I have an endless amount of pyjamas, but these Little Mermaid ones are just far to cute to pass up on.

4. Casio Watch (£30) I've wanted a cute little Casio watch for such a long time now but i've never got around to getting one, but i've got a few vouchers for Goldsmiths so I think i'll get one soon.

5. NARS blush pallet (£30) I do love a NARS pallet as much as the next girl, and I really love this one at the minuet, its such a great mix of shades too!

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