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Wish List

12 February 2014

 photo wishlist-4.jpg

1. Coco Chanel (£75) I love my Chanel No.5 perfume so much, I really want to add this to mycollation. They would just look so cute and pretty next to each other.

2. Floral Tunic Dress (£46) I'm thinking of getting this for when I go out in Brighton on Friday night for my birthday, its just such a lovely cut, print and material.

3. Pug makeup bag (£12) I have a huge love for wash bags and pugs, so put the two together and I'm bound to want it!

4. YSL Foundation (£30.50) I've wanted to try this foundation forever now but i've brought a few others instead, so this is going to be my next foundation!

5. Chelsea Boots (£38) I need a new pair of ankle boots and I love the cut out and gold buckles on these ones.

I've had so many wish lists recently because theres just so much I want to buy, which means any birthday money or vouchers I get come Sunday will probably be gone within a few days! Do you have any wish lists I can have a nose at?

1 comment:

  1. The pug bag is so freaking cute!! I want (need) it! Lovely post :) xxx