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B. Pure: Micellar Water

07 March 2014

B. Pure Micellar Water: £4.99

I saw this little bottle when I was at the till in Superdrug for half price (which it still is) and thought I would try it, to see if it could match up to the love of my life- Bioderma. This product is a 'quick and easy 3-in-1 cleaner that dissolvers impurities in a single sweep, no water required' This bottle of what looks like tap water is supposed to cleanse tone and refresh the face.

I've been using it in my skincare routine as a replacement as my Bioderma, which I use on a cotton pad to remove my makeup before my cleaner, toner and moisturiser. So far its matched up quite well, one cotton pad removes all of my makeup- including eye makeup and does leave the skin feeling refreshed.

In comparison I find Bioderma better for my skin although this states 'ideal for all ski types, even the most sensitive' i've found that it stings my eyes a little- which Bioderma does not. However its been fine on my super sensitive skin and for that I applaud it. For the value and how easily accessible this is I think its a fantastic alternative to Bioderma and I would happily use it when i'm all out!

Have you tried this yet, or any other Micellar Waters?

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