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Boots Botanics: All Bright Range

18 March 2014

Boots Botanics All Bright Range: £3.99

I needed a new morning skincare routine so when I was in boots a couple of weeks ago I picked up these three items in the 3-for-2 deal. I thought the eye makeup remover was just a normal makeup remover, so i've been using this of an evening and not of a morning, whoopsie.

The soothing Eye makeup remove is made up of two parts; one part oil and one part water, which you shake well to mix together. The oil helps sweep away impurities and make up, the water part which contains hibiscus helps to sooth the eye area and condition lashes. This takes off all of my eye make-up in one quick sweep.

My favourite of the three products is the cleansing foam wash which gently lifts make up and any impurities, the cleanser foams up really well when it comes into contact with water. You only need a tiny bit to cleanse the whole face and get rid of all makeup, my skin feels so soft and clean after using this.

Finally the cleansing toner which is also amazing the toner is supposed to visibly tighten pores and brighten skin which I can safely say it does. After using all three of the product my skin looks a lot healthier and has a slight glow to it. It has also felt a lot better and i've not had any break outs.

Have you tried anything from the range, what did you think?


  1. I haven't tried anything yet but I have had my eye on the toner for a little while!! xx

    1. You should try it, for the price its a really good product! :) x