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Bourjois: Mega Liner felt-tip eyeliner

29 March 2014

Bourjois Mega Liner felt-tip eyeliner: £7.49

I don't feel like myself if I leave the house without my trademark cat eye, due to that i'm constantly on the look out for a new eye liner. When Boots was running its 3-for-2 deal a couple of weeks ago I picked up this little liner pen to try out.

I've tried and tested them all; pencil, gel, liquid and felt tip liners and when push comes to shove I always go back to my best friend L'oreal Perfect Slim Super Liner. So this being  a felt tip eyeliner I thought it would be a good choice, as you can see the nib is slightly different to most liners as its squared off.

The liner itself is quite watery which means its easy to apply and goes on really smoothly, it dries really quick and is a deep black colour which is really good. I found it quite hard getting used to the nib of the pen, doing a line was really easy and the squared of tip makes it perfect. However when it came to doing a flick, I struggled big time. They just never came our right, unless I used the tip of the pen which was really hard to do.

Over all I like this eyeliner because its a lot wetter than most of my lines which tend to dry out really quickly making it hard to use, i've found the squared edge really good for doing thin and thick lines above the lash line, however i'm still struggling with the flick and tend to use my other liner for that!

Have you tried this yet, what did you think?


  1. I love the sound of the squared tip, your lines are so neat! I think I'd struggle with the flick, too, though.

    Jess xo

  2. This squared tip makes doing a neat line really easy, I just think perfecting a flick will take a bit of time!
    For doing a neat line though you should give it a try!