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Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation

11 March 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear (1N2 ECRU) : £27 

My foundation draw is currently overflowing with foundations which although I love i've left untouched for quite some time, and this foundation above is the reason why. I've been using Estee Lauder Double Wear for around two and half years now and no matter what I try nothing has ever compared to Double Wear and I always come running back.

Double Wear is a heavy duty matte foundation which lasts for hours on end, I can wear it on a Saturday do my 9 hour shift at work and look exactly the same at the end of the day, I wore it all day when I was on holiday in extremely humid conditions and it didn't move or wear off at all. The staying power of this foundation is amazing.

Not only is the staying power of this amazing but so is everything else. It has a high coverage which really evens out my uneven skin tone, hides any redness and most blemishes. Not only that but I love the finish, although its a matte finish it still has a glow to it which makes the skin look flawless and healthy.

I tend to use a small amount of this foundation and buff in all over my skin to even out my skin tone, I then add a little bit of concealer to cover up any spots i've got, add a little bit of powder to set everything then do the rest of my makeup and i'm good to go.

Have you tried this foundation, what did you think?

 (Double Wear on its own)
(Double wear with rest of make up)

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