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Friday Five: Blusher

28 March 2014

 NYX Blush in Peach: £6
This blush from NYX is the most perfect peach colour which is easy to wear and its a real spring colour which is fantastic for right now. Its a matte blush which looks great on my pale skin tone worn alone or with a little big of highlighter on the cheek bones.

 MAC mineralised blush in Dainty: £20
This is one of my most recent purchases from mac and i'm so glad i've added it to my collection, Dainty is the most perfect shade i've ever laid my eyes on. Its a mineralised finish so it looks really soft and natural on the cheeks. Its a light pink with the perfect amount of shimmer in which just gives the most beautiful finish.

 L'oreal Nude Magique BB blush in Universal:£7.99
This blusher comes in the form of a gel, once you get used to blending it in it's one of the most beautiful and subtle blushers ever. I use a tiny bit of the product and blend in with a stippling blush on the apples of my cheeks and it gives you a lovely rosy cheek.

 Benefit blush in Coralista: £23.50
As you can see this box has been very well loved, its been my favourite blusher for years. Its got great pigmentation which lasts all day so you don't have to top it up. The colour is an amazing coral shade with a little bit of shimmer which gives cheeks a healthy glow.

MUA blusher in Marshmallow: £1
There really ins't much you can buy for a pound these days, so this MUA blusher is a steal for that price. Its very highly pigmented so you only need a tiny tiny bit on your brush, the matte finish and bright pink colour look perfect on the cheeks and give a great pop of colour for the summer.

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