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L'oreal: Infallible 24hr Lip Colour

24 March 2014

 L'oreal Infallible 24hr Lip Colour: £9.99

I saw these whilst scanning the isle in boots a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't seen then before but a matte, bright red lip, which claims to last 24hrs? I was sold straight away so I grabbed this one in the shade '506 Red Infallible'

This double sided lip product has one side which hosts the bright red lip product which you apply with the applicator which is the perfect shape for lips which makes it super easy to apply with no mess and no hassle. Once applied and dried, you go to step two a clear lip balm to lock in the colour, and  you can top up throughout the day if your lips start to dry out.

The colour of this is stunning its a bright classic red, which is just what I like. The product applies quite wet and then dries to a matte stain, a little bit like Rimmel's Apocalips. Once the colour has dried its still a really bright red just with a matte finish.

The staying power is outstanding, as you would expect. It didn't last 24hours, it lasted about 8hours on my lips when i was out, drinking, talking and eating. Which is really good, its really easy to top up  too as it reapplies nicely and doesn't build up on the lips and look horrible.

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