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Lush Easter haul

03 March 2014

On Tuesday me and Amy had a day full of meetings and a week of deadlines ahead of us, so at the end of our busy day we treated ourself to a spot of 'lunch' at the Beakfast club and had a look around Spitalfeilds market. Knowing I had a stressful week of deadlines ahead I went home via Lush at London Liverpool street where I collected a few goodies from the new Easter Range and a couple of golden oldies.

First up was the cutest little bunny ever the Bunny Bubble Bar (£3.25) this little cutie turns the bath water a light pink colour and fills the tub to the brim with bubbles. Its full of rich oils and butters which leave your skin feeling super soft and conditioned and it smells the same as the Creamy Candy bubble bar, which makes it  a winner in my eyes.

The Secret Garden Bath Ballistic (£2.95)  had a floral fragrance to it which left myself and the bathroom smelling beautiful all night, and still smelt lovely the day after. The green part of the bomb is made using the bubble bar mix so not only do you get a bright green and pink bath but you also get a sheet of green foam too. The colours this left the bath were amazing.

The Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic (£2.95) was another one that left my bath an amazing colour and is sented like Lush's candy fluff which means it smells super sweet and amazing. This left my bath fizzing for quite some time and left the water bright pink with a few dried flowers floating around. Like all Lush products me and the bathroom self divine for days.

Last but not least is the Brighside Bubble Bar (£4.50) although this is a bit pricer it lasts at least twice as long as the bar is huge you can use it for at least two baths. This had the most amazing citrus fragrance to it which I loved, even though I'm a huge sweet smelling lover. Not only that but the bath looked like Fanta and filled with bubbles, and left my skin feeling softer than ever before.

You can see all of these in action on instagram.com/paigemarsh94


  1. I love fluffy egg :) I want to try bunny bubble bar next I think, just because it's so cute! I love lush so much!
    ox Lucy

    1. Its so cute I didn't want to use it! haha
      I'm glad I did though, like all Lush products it was amazing! You should defiantly try it