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Seventeen: Cheek Stamp Blusher

17 March 2014

Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blusher: £4.99

Seventeen have realised so really good products since its rebrand, and one new product which caught my eye in boots was this strange little blusher. How cute its the packaging, that pink, girly box was enough for me to chuck it in to my basket.

These blushers are very different, to say the least. Each pot comes with a sponge applicator which you put in to the lid which homes the blusher, the sponge actually picks up a lot of product so theres no need to push hard or swirl it around. Once you've got the product on the sponge you can either 'stamp' on the apples of your cheeks and blend out, our swipe all over the cheek and then blend the product evenly.

I've found it a little bit hard using the sponge to get the right amount of colour on my cheeks and find myself having to blend it out a lot with a blusher blush or my hands, however the packing is really clever and compact, you've got the blusher, the sponge and a little mirror all in this tiny little pot.

The colour itself is a bright pink which is build-able to quite a bright pink, the blushers come in five different shades, i've got 'Made You Look' and I think next i'm going to grab 'Blushing' which is a lighter pink shade!

Have you tried these new releases yet, what shade would you go for?


  1. I recently bought this in a lighter shade, Blushin. At the beginning I couldn't get the hang of the sponge applicator either and was putting it on way too heavy, but once I got used to it I really liked it. Blushin is a lovely shade, so I would definitely recommend getting that one next!
    sammy xx

    1. Yeah, I totally agree you do really have to get used to the sponge!
      Oh i'll try that one next, thank you :)