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Benefit: Gimme Brow

21 April 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow: £17.50

There was so much hype around the release of this new brow product from Benefit and I steered clear for a couple of months, but of course sooner or later I was bound to cave in and buy it, and I did. Gimme Brow is an eyebrow gel from Benefit which comes in two shades light/medium and medium/deep.

The gel itself is a fibre gel which adheres to skin and hair making brows appear fuller, the small tapered brush makes it really easy to apply the gel and both blend and shape the brow. The gel is easily to build up to create a fuller and darker brow without making eyebrows look clumpy, matted or just a big mess.

The formula or this gel is fantastic, it really does make eyebrows look fuller as well as set them into place for perfect looking brows all day long. I really love how small the brush it as it makes applying the product really easy and precise, which leaves you with perfectly groomed brows in no time!

Have you tried this yet, what did you think?

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