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Boots Botanics: Hydrating day cream

22 April 2014

Boots Botanics Hydrating day cream: £4.99

Recently i've been struggling with dry skin which has been awful as my skin has just felt dehydrated, dry, flakey and horrible. My foundation hasn't been going on right as its been sticking to my awful dry patches, so I knew it was time to try out a  new face cream.

I was in boots and opted for this hydrating day cream from there Botanics range, first of all this 50ml pot is full of all kinds of goodness, its formulated with hyaluronic acid which boosts moisture levels and leave skin feeling soft, it has hibiscus which brightens the pink hue in skin and it has natural AHA's from the flower which act as a mild exfoliator to leave skin smoother

The cream its very thick and takes quite a while to sink in, so you need to leave a little bit of time for your skin to drink it all up before applying your daily makeup. Once the cream has fully sunk in to your face you can really notice a difference, your skin feels soft, nourished and fully hydrated.

After using the cream every morning for a week I really notices how hydrated my skin felt all day, I've really enjoyed using this as it has really helped my skin improve and i didn't have to spend to much money on it! I love the Boots Botanics range, have you tried anything from there?

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